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Biden's Chief Negotiator was a Shadow Lobbyist for United Airlines and Google

How Twitter Aided the Pentagon's Covert Online Propaganda Campaign

NewsGuard's Ministry of Truth

Inside the Pro-Israel Information War

Gavin Newsom's Self Serving Culture War

Moderna is Spying on You

I'm Grateful for You

Netflix's Disneyfication of Bayard Rustin

NewsGuard's For-Profit Censorship Model Merges Government and Corporate Power

The Colonizer-Indigenous Rhetoric Only Divides

Televangelists Invoke Holy War to Push for Weapons for Israel, Strikes on Iran

Neocons Seize Israel's 9/11 to Elevate Hawkish Agenda in the GOP, War With Iran

Former Obama Treasury Secretary’s $14 Million Private Equity Pay

Congressman Who Defied the Foreign Policy Blob Calls for New Approach to Israel-Palestine

Lobbyist Knives Out for Matt Gaetz

Democrats Have Walked into an Immigration Trap

San Francisco Supervisor Uses Trust Fund to Finance 'Abolish the Police' Groups

Governor Newsom Selects Tech Lobbyist Laphonza Butler to Replace Sen. Feinstein

Behind Ozempic Media Buzz, Undisclosed Drugmaker Money

Lockheed Martin Boasts to Investors: Ukraine War Fueling "$10 Billion of Opportunities ... Now to the End of the Decade"

Emails Show Decade of Hunter Biden Spinning Journalists on Foreign Business Deals

CIA Official Questioned Over Wuhan Cover-Up Took Job at U.S.-China Consulting Firm

Democrats Once Opposed the Post-September 11th Expansion of the Surveillance State

Twitter Minimized Saudi Spy Infiltration, New Emails Show

Escaping the Online Discourse to Burning Man, Then Escaping Burning Man

Nikki Haley's Sudden Wealth Rooted in Weapons Industry, Pro-War Advocacy Network

Donald Trump May Have Deprived Vivek Ramaswamy of a COVID Vaccine Fortune

Hawaiian Electric, While Failing to Act on Fire Prevention, Had Cozy Ties to Regulators

Fired AG Leading Epstein Inquiry Reveals V.I. Governor Pressured Her on Pedophile's Behalf

Emails Show Hunter Biden Hired Specialists to Quietly Airbrush Wikipedia

German Council Reprimands Vaccine Makers for Censorship Attempts Revealed in Twitter Files

How One Trump January 6 Charge Could End Up Criminalizing Left-Wing Protest

Radicals vs. Atlanta: The Left Focuses Violent Outrage at Police Deescalation Training Center

Anheuser-Busch Lobbyists Sell Access to Democratic Congressional Staff

Lawmakers Slip Censorship Provisions into Pentagon Spending Bill

Disney CEO Bob Iger Cackles with Investors about AI Replacing Jobs

Why Supposed Opponents of Cluster Bombs Voted to Allow the Weapons for Ukraine

Rep. Massie Promises Vote to Establish Audit Overseeing Ukraine War Money

Biden Official Overseeing Water Resources Worked for Hedge Fund Privatizing Water

Fleeing War, Killed in America: Crime Wave Brutalizes Working Class Refugees and Migrants

Mark Zuckerberg Splurges on Private Security For Himself While Financing 'Defund the Police'

House Democrat Worked for Epstein's Tax and Political Fixer

Obama’s Personal Investment Deals Mirror Tax Strategies He Once Criticized

After Mass Layoffs, Silicon Valley Renews Lobbying Biden to Lift Cap on Foreign Workers

Billionaire Biden Donor Bankrolled 2020 Election Social Media Censorship Effort

Biden Justice Dept. Intervened to Block Release of Social Media Censorship Docs

Facebook and Google Allies Fight Revenue Sharing with Journalists by Invoking Hate Speech, Misinfo and ‘Straight White Men’

Billionaire Funding ‘Abolish the Police’ Activists Invests in Private Security Start-Up

Top Asian Diversity Consultant Accused Of Defrauding Low-Income Housing Fund

Big Tech Resumed Hiring Foreign Workers Just Weeks After Layoffs

DHS and FBI Depict Vegan Activists as Potential Domestic Terrorists

FBI Surveillance Contractor Probed Anti-Vaccine Mandate Activists

Private Spies Hired by the FBI and Corporate Firms Infiltrate Discord, Reddit, WhatsApp

Voices Politicizing NYC Subway Death Opposed Mayor’s Plan for Severe Mentally Ill

Police Tell San Francisco Homeowner To Hire Private Security After Suffering 8 Break-Ins

Diversity Activists Helped First Republic Bank Push for Weaker Regulations

How The FBI Helps Ukrainian Intelligence Hunt ‘Disinformation’ On Social Media

Pfizer Quietly Financed Groups Lobbying for COVID Vaccine Mandates

House Democrat Threatens Twitter Files Journalist with Prosecution and Imprisonment

Mehdi Hasan Plagiarized Pro-Spanking Column

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan Gets Basic Facts Wrong on DHS Content Moderation Partnership